Aircraft Refuellers
We manufacture chassis-mounted refuellers as per customer specifications with tank capacity ranging from 2KL to 45KL. Refuellers are supplied either on a rigid chassis or as an articulated vehicle. The refueller consists of a chassis, tank and fuelling & de-fuelling system. The tank could be made of mild steel (internally epoxy coated), stainless steel, or aluminum.

In the refuelling and de-fuelling module, we use internationally proven components such as internal valve, fuel & de-fuel valve, centrifugal pump, pressure control valve, fuel monitor, flow meter, under-wing pressure coupling, aviation hose for deck and hose reel, bottom-loading system with high level sensor, electrical deadman handle, and liquid fifth wheel for semi-trailer type refueller. The components are selected based on the flow rate requirement, which normally ranges from 100 LPM to 4000 LPM.

Safety features include provision of static grounding cable, fire extinguishers, fire screen, spark arrestor at the exhaust of the engine, and a brake interlock system on all pressure couplings, stowage, and emergency engine/fuel shut-off.